Ariel Abramovich

Musical artists are everywhere around the world. They are not only great singers but some can play a musical instrument like the piano, violin, flute, and guitar. In Europe alone, there are many popular artists involve in music. And one of them is Ariel Abramovich. The genre of the music he usually play is classical. He also had albums that contains beautiful songs recorded together with some musicians. He had many concerts held all throughout the United Kingdom like London, Krakow, and York.

The Canary Islands and Ecuador are the recent places where he had concerts together with other musicians. The life or background of Ariel Abramovich and his career life as a musician is quite interesting. The first thing everyone should know about him is that he is a native of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Know also that he started his guitar studies when he was a teenager. He worked with some famous musicians such as Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Aside from playing the guitar, ha also had passion for jazz.

He studied classical music and also Renaissance music. He received the lute and vihuela classes too. There are many musicians whom he worked with. Playing the guitar for some is easy especially for fast-learners like Ariel Abramovich. He is not just a great and amazing guitarist but also a lutenist! He can play the lute very well. He does not only play a very common guitar but a guitar-like vihuelas that produces beautiful meditative music that inspired the audience.